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March 26, 2021

ALA QLD – Conferencing in a post COVID world

ALA QLD – Conferencing in a post COVID world.

Lex Medicus had the pleasure of attending and exhibiting at the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) Conference in Queensland on the Gold Coast earlier this year. The first face-to-face large scale conference of the new era after the cancellation of all the usual conferences in 2020.

Even though Queensland didn’t experience the hard lockdown measures as in other states, the (mainly) QLD personal injury lawyers seemed to appreciate the freedom to move around and mingle more than before.

It was reassuring and impressive to witness how the event organisers from both ALA & The Star Gold Coast venue worked together to deliver a COVID-safe event for over 300 delegates.

They did well to keep a bunch of personal injury lawyers socially distanced! With daily registration & tracking of delegates, sit down lunches and limiting the number of people at the tables.

Apart from the usual energy of a conference, there was a definite air of additional excitement amongst the Queensland delegates to be there and part of such an event.

ALA QLD Conference findings

What we realised from stepping back into our connected world was that we missed:

  • Eye to eye conversations;
  • The ability to read facial expressions;
  • Talking in real-time with the ability to talk at the same time with excitement;
  • Being able to laugh with people & feel the connection;
  • Eating with other people;
  • Travelling;
  • Staying in a hotel;
  • Seeing friends and colleagues we have not been able to see in a year.

None of us will ever take those things for granted again. As lawyers, medical experts and medico-legal representatives alike are social beings and love a good head-to-head natter.

ALA QLD 2021 - Personal Injury Lawyers Conference

Queensland personal injury law & medico-legal industry

The personal injury lawyers had the opportunity to make the most out of a jam-packed CPD educational program presented by highly regarded solicitors and medico-legal experts.

We identified a few shifts and changes in the Queensland personal injury law market and medico-legal industry which we have taken away and will build on and adapt to ensure we at Lex Medicus continue to bridge the gap between medicine and the law for all our clients, providing high calibre medical experts to the personal injury claims area.

Lex Medicus already adapted to a more online world with the recent launch of our new website and online booking portal for our medical experts and lawyers. The new systems make the provision of medico-legal reports easier, more secure and more efficient for all parties involved. We also shifted our popular complimentary CPD & wine seminars to a digital format where personal injury lawyers and medical experts alike Zoomed in from across the country to learn more about specific medico-legal topics.

Lex Medicus is excited to be moving into Queensland with a branch base now in South East Queensland and an ever-growing panel of high calibre independent medico-legal experts across numerous medical specialities providing medico-legal reports that are robust and high quality. Our expertise in the area of personal injury law and providing expert witnesses is built on over 10 years of experience in providing medico-legal examinations in Victoria, and now expanding with providing our unique service to Queensland personal injury lawyers.

We look forward to connecting again at more face-to-face conferences and events this year!

In the meantime, contact us for assistance with all your medico-legal requirements.

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