Bridging the gap
between medicine
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Lex Medicus

Lex Medicus provides unbiased medico-legal reports and comprehensive impairment assessment services in Australia and internationally.

Our holistic

We connect clients with our extensive and growing network of medical experts and offer educational resources, seminars and events to develop strong partnerships within the medico-legal community.

We share knowledge, listen to our clients and regularly connect with the industry to help us adapt and meet its changing needs. We think outside the box to solve problems and improve the way we do things. Lex Medicus affords flexible, streamlined and efficient solutions for all your medico-legal matters.

Our agility
and efficiency

Lex Medicus partners with medical specialists and clinics across Australia and internationally. This enables us to connect clients with medical experts at any time, no matter where they are. We personalise each service to suit the specific client’s needs, whether it be an express report, video assessment, a complex case or finding specialists in remote locations.

Our guaranteed

We take data protection seriously. Our digital and physical information security controls meet ISO 27001 standards – the international benchmark for information security management – so you can rest assured that your clients’ personal information is safe with us.

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Supporting the

Medico-legal services

Lex Medicus provides services for the legal and insurance industries.
Our medical experts independently assess, analyse and write reports within Australia and internationally.

Educational resources

Our team of scientists and medical experts develop our educational resources to help clients gain a deep understanding of the medicine and science behind medico-legal reports.

Seminars & events

Our complimentary CPD seminars are a great opportunity to meet our experts, network with the medico-legal community, and to remain updated with the latest industry changes. 

Customer Care

No problem is too large or small for our team. We guide you every step of the way to resolve complex requests, book remote appointments or meet tight deadlines.

Quality assurance

Every medico-legal report is scrutinised by our team of legal and medically trained staff to ensure accuracy of information and exceptional readability.

Meet Layla our therapy dog

Request our therapy dog Layla during your client consultation to ease the emotional stress of the examinee often experiencing difficult circumstances.