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Diversify your practice beyond the clinical environment

Be part of a dynamic team that values your expertise, supports your growth, and offers the flexibility and transparency you deserve.

  • Guaranteed
    fast and transparent payments

    We collaborate with highly qualified and clinically active medical experts who are leaders in their respective fields. With a wealth of industry experience, our team precisely match the most suitable expert to your specific needs.

  • Industry-leading training and complimentary CPD events

    We're committed to your professional growth. Take advantage of our industry-leading training programs and complimentary Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events.

  • Personalised and long-standing partnership

    We believe in the power of long-term relationships. Joining our panel means you'll have the opportunity to build strong, enduring partnerships with both colleagues and clients.

  • Flexibility of work

    Your career should fit your life, not the other way around. A career in medico-legal offers you the choice and flexibility to manage your work in a way that gives you a work-life balance.

  • Full administrative support and document sorting

    We understand the administrative burden that comes with your profession. We provide full administrative support and efficient document sorting, so you can focus on what you do best - delivering expert medical opinions.

  • Build trust through quality assurance team

    Trust is paramount in the medico-legal field. Our dedicated quality assurance team ensures that the highest standards of professionalism and accuracy are maintained, building trust within the industry.

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How we support you

Lex Medicus medical experts enjoy full administrative support from our team, access to our online portal, transcribers and our industry leading quality assurance process. The legally and medically trained Quality Assurance team ensures that your medico-legal report is factually accurate and answers all questions asked. They liaise with you to make sure that the end result is the highest quality medico-legal report.

With our secure online system, you can access bookings, client lists and reports. You have the flexibility to choose your available consulting dates and times and whether you’d like to use our immaculate rooms or your own. We can also provide you with interstate and overseas rooms if you are willing to travel.

We will promote you and liaise with clients on your behalf, so you can solely focus on your medico-legal reports without any distractions.

Training experts in the medico-legal process

When you join our panel of medical experts you will receive a comprehensive induction so you can learn about our systems and team.

We know what makes a great medico-legal report and we can provide you with tips to make your reports more appealing to legal professionals. Our Quality Assurance team will review every medico-legal report you write and this rigour will help you to refine your report writing style.

Medical experts we partner with

We want to partner with experienced medico-legal experts or new clinically active practitioners who are open to developing medico-legal report writing skills. You may need to be an expert witness one day so ideally you will be someone who is confident, articulate and thrives under pressure. 

If this describes you, we would love to hear from you. 

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