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Medical negligence/professional indemnity reports are crucial in providing an independent opinion on the standard of care in potential medical negligence cases. These reports meticulously investigate cases of alleged medical malpractice, assessing the standard of care provided, identifying potential breaches, and determining whether such breaches resulted in patient harm.

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At Lex Medicus, we take great pride in tailoring our services to the matter at hand. 

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Lex Medicus and our medical negligence experts take a human-centered approach. We tailor each request to accommodate the details of the case, and the specific needs of the client, seeking to make them feel comfortable through the entire process. This is coupled with the highest calibre of medical experts, ensuring you receive a high-quality report.

We also understand the needs of your client when dealing with a matter of professional indemnity. These services prioritise efficiency, accuracy, and quality, with industry-leading processes every step of the way. We employ the highest calibre of medical experts to ensure all reports are fit for purpose.

For all matters of medical negligence and professional indemnity, Lex Medicus offers:

  • Over 200 top medical specialists, hand-selected by our Medical Engagement Team, with experience in these matters.
  • Extensive quality assurance processes to ensure every report is accurate and fit for purpose.
  • Assistance with selecting and booking the top expert, based on the unique details of your case.
  • Upfront cost agreements for all appointments.
  • The geographic spread of our experts helps us effectively manage conflict of interest risks. 
  • Efficient processes, including the ability to book an express report, issued within 2 business days of the appointment.
  • End-to-end management of all administration, including file preparation and booking logistics.