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A Joint Medical Examination (JME) is an Independent Medical Examination (IME) that has been jointly requested by both the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and client’s lawyers for the assessment of transport accident injuries. The JME process commenced as part of the legislative amendments to the Transport Accident Act 1986 in November 2013. The JME process aims to improve client experience by reducing the number of IMEs a client is required to attend.

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JME assessments need to be completed by suitably qualified examiners. Where the assessment relates to impairment, the practitioners must have appropriate accreditations in the AMA guides.

JMEs, usually requested by the client’s lawyers, require approval from the TAC before they can proceed. Following the assessment, the final report is released to both parties.

Lex Medicus has a wide array of suitably qualified experts to be able to complete Joint Medical Examinations and provide impairment assessments.