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When time is of the essence, Lex Medicus can support you in getting your report quickly. Working with our panel of experts, our team are committed to expediting these reports to get them to you when you need them. All reports still go through our rigorous Quality Assurance process, so you can be assured that you will receive a quality report in a tight timeframe.

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2 day turnaround

We provide reliable express medico-legal reports written by the most suitable and accredited medical experts. Easily book an appointment and benefit from our unique quality assurance process with Lex Medicus support along the way.

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Lex Medicus provides high-quality, unbiased medico-legal reports and impairment assessments across Australia and internationally.

Lex Medicus offers express medico-legal reports when urgent matters arise and a fast and accurate assessment is required. Reports are issued  within 2 business days of the appointment.

A standard report is available within 10 business days or otherwise agreed with Lex Medicus.

All reports are legally proofed by our trained Quality Assurance team.