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Medico-legal services

Medico-legal reports

Lex Medicus provides high quality, unbiased medico-legal reports and impairment assessments across Australia and internationally.

All reports are legally proofed by our trained Quality Assurance team.

A standard report is available within 10 business days or otherwise agreed with Lex Medicus.


Lex Medicus offers express medico-legal reports when urgent matters arise and a fast and accurate assessment is required.

Reports are issued within within 2 business days of the appointment.

Joint Medical Examination

A Joint Medical Examination is a medico-legal report that is jointly requested by the TAC and a law firm for convenience and efficiency.

The law firm and TAC will both receive the same report.


A supplementary report can be requested when additional information around the client becomes available or when further questions need to be addressed by the medical examiner.


If a physical examination or an in-person appointment is not necessary or feasible, a video assessment can be arranged with our medical experts for clients in remote locations. 

Med neg case

Our in-house lawyer and our medical expert can triage your medical negligence claim enquiries and provide initial case screening advice to assist you in determining whether you have a strong case and direct your liability investigations.

Special requests

Medical negligence

These are complex cases, each one requiring a thorough evaluation. We provide our clients with a choice of the most suitable, and qualified experts to resolve their negligence case.

A cost estimation will be sent with the time frame for the completion of the report.

Expert witness

Lex Medicus has a proven track record of winning outcomes for clients in court.

All our medical experts, who are leaders in their field and clinically active, are readily available to provide evidence in court when required, even at short notice.

Overseas assessments

Lex Medicus has built a vast network of experts who can work on cases around the world. They include Australian consultants familiar with all Australian jurisdictions.

Overseas appointments can be arranged upon request by contacting our office.

Case reviews

We can connect you with a suitable medical expert to independently review your case and discuss the findings with you via teleconference.
This will help you to determine the strength of your case before you committing to a medico-legal report. 

Let us help you with special requests

Lex Medicus can identify the most suitable expert for complex cases and class actions. We also offer multi-speciality booking for clients’ convenience. Quotes can be provided upon request and prior to engagement.