Tailored Appointments

At Lex Medicus we aim to accommodate any request. We have options available to ensure that assessments can proceed no matter the circumstances. This includes telehealth appointments, through our secure video conferencing system, 3CX, as well as the availability of experts internationally.

tailored appointments

Independent Medical Examinations with Ease

With Lex Medicus, you don’t need expensive equipment or accessories for your independent medical assessments. All you need is Wi-Fi access, an email address, and a laptop or desktop computer with fully functional audio-visual functions.

What can our video medico-legal services do?

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Our medico legal services and independent medical assessments can be used for claims relating to:

  • Work assessments
  • Personal injury assessments
  • Work fitness
  • Insurance claims
  • Permanent disability assessments
  • Whole-person impairment assessments
  • Medical negligence
  • Duty assessments
  • Institutional Abuse and more.

Who can use our medico legal video assessment services?

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Our video medico legal assessment services are for those that need independent medical examinations and opinions. This includes:

  • Employers
  • Self-Insurers
  • Law firms
  • Government agencies
  • Insurance adjusters
  • Workers’ compensation agencies and more
  • Video Independent Medical Assessment Process

Our examinees receive a test call before every Telehealth appointment to ensure the examination can proceed without glitches on the day.

All Telehealth medico-legal reports undergo the same quality assurance process as face-to-face examinations.

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Lex Medicus provides high quality, unbiased medico-legal reports and impairment assessments across Australia and internationally.

All reports are legally proofed by our trained Quality Assurance team.

A standard report is available within 10 business days or otherwise agreed with Lex Medicus.Lex Medicus can identify the most suitable expert for complex cases and class actions. We also offer multi-speciality booking for clients’ convenience. Quotes can be provided upon request and prior to engagement.