Independent Medical Examiner

An Independent Medical Examination (IME) is a medical assessment conducted by a qualified and impartial healthcare professional or medical expert.

independent medical examinations

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The goal of an IME is to provide an unbiased and objective assessment that assists in resolving medico-legal issues and ensuring fairness in the evaluation of medical claims.

Independent Medical Examinations are commonly used in various contexts, including personal injury claims, workers’ compensation cases, disability benefit assessments, insurance disputes, and legal matters where an impartial and expert medical opinion is needed to determine the extent of injuries or medical conditions, causation/liability, capacity for work or permanent impairment.

At Lex Medicus, we have an extensive panel of medical experts, experienced in many jurisdictions, available to complete IMEs and provide robust, fit for purpose reports. All reports are reviewed through our comprehensive Quality Assurance process, so you can be assured that you are getting a quality report.


Re-examinations may be required to provide an update on an individual’s medical condition following an Independent Medical Examination (IME). These involve a further assessment and report with a previously seen expert.


Supplementary report

When clarification is required, a small number of additional questions need to be asked, or some additional documentation needs to be reviewed, a supplementary report can be requested. These are not a full medico-legal report, but an addendum to the initial report answering only the questions posed in the supplementary letter of instruction.