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Lex Medicus is Australia’s leading medico-legal service provider. Our medico-legal reports and expert witness service are used in Australian courts and tribunals’ dispute resolution processes.

independent medical examinations

Medico Legal Brisbane specialists

Our medical professionals are equipped with the right medical expertise, hands-on training and experience required to provide a fully informed and independent opinion in their respective fields of specialisation on cases involving clinical issues.

The expert witness service provided by our team is highly regarded as a result of our wide range of specialists including medical doctors and allied health specialists who are leaders in their relevant fields.

Renowned Medico Legal Specialists in Brisbane

Lex Medicus has a team of experienced, clinically active medical specialists, including orthopaedic surgeons, psychiatrists and other highly sought after medico-legal experts across Brisbane.

Our medico-legal specialists in Brisbane are equipped with the expertise required to support our clients in delivering impartial, high-quality reports within a timely manner.

Our experts are highly accredited with court experience, so you can feel confident your clients’ consultation will be handled by experts with the most up-to-date knowledge.

Quality Assurance

Our unique Quality Assurance team guarantees accuracy and efficiency of your medico-legal report. Throughout the whole process you receive unparalleled quality assurance and a personalised service. As a result, we can guarantee that they satisfy our rigorous quality standards and adhere to all applicable rules and legal and ethical obligations.

Training experts in the medico-legal process

We work with you to choose the most qualified expert for your needs. Our convenient online portal allows you to make bookings, upload documents and track the progress of your report.


Medical Assessments with Fast Turnaround Time

As innovators in the medico-legal services industry in Brisbane, we have the team and processes to ensure you receive your reports quickly.

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Independent Medical Examinations

All our medical experts conducting Independent Medical Examinations act as an impartial expert, providing a written report based on their examination and medical knowledge.

Excellence in service and professionalism are the cornerstones of our stellar reputation. All of our doctors are qualified to provide reliable, independent medical opinions.


Do You Need Medico Legal Experts in Brisbane?

Our team of medico-legal experts in Brisbane are here to offer you the best of medico-legal assessments in Brisbane and across Australia.

Lex Medicus is where you find the best medico-legal Services in Australia. We provide a wide variety of services to assist our clients in Australia and internationally.

Contact our professional and friendly team to learn more about our specialist medico-legal services.

Lex Medicus is the leading provider of dependable, independent medical examinations in Australia.

Independent medical examinations

At Lex Medicus, we recognise the significance of a high-quality medical assessment report. It is essential that these reports are objective, impartial and answer all questions.

Therefore, our panel of esteemed and clinically active medical experts will deliver unbiased medico legal reports while keeping you informed throughout our simplified process.

Our vast panel of medical professionals have extensive expertise in producing impartial medical reports supported by our team of legal and medically trained staff to ensure accuracy of information and exceptional readability.

Fast turnaround time

Whatever the deadline, you can trust the Lex Medicus team to assist you in meeting it. As an innovator in Quality Control within the medico legal services industry, we have access to the best tools to ensure accurate and fast report delivery.

Our extensive processes guarantee that you receive your medical reports when urgent matters arise and that they address all report requirements. Our specialist medico legal reports are easy to understand and fit for purpose. 

Over a decade, Lex Medicus has solidified partnerships built on trust within the industry, with returning clients because they can always rely on the speed and quality of our reports.

Admissible and detailed medico-legal reporting services

You can trust us because our esteemed medical specialists have a proven track record of giving expert witness testimony and are leaders in their areas of speciality. We guarantee compliance and certification with all regulatory agencies and international best practice through our ISO certification in Quality Management, Information Security and Occupational Health & Safety. Our specialist medico legal reports are always admissible and consistent with Expert Witness Code of Conduct.

Every detailed report from us is composed with exactitude and thoroughness.

Medico-legal experts

The court put great value on competence, as do we. When you use our medico legal services, only the most experienced professional medico legal experts will deliver the opinion confidently.

Independent assessment

Our panel of specialists have the necessary credentials to offer an impairment evaluation as part of a more extensive independent medical examination.

Our reputation is built on high quality, personalised service excellence, and a dedication to professionalism. Our medical specialists provide knowledgeable and trustworthy views based on objective data and consideration of all material provided.

Expert witness service

Our team of expert medical professionals can evaluate case files and testify in court. Every medical Expert Witness Service on our team is well-known and esteemed in their respective professions. Therefore, they can give an informed opinion based on current medical training and objective data.

Our goal is to assist in the prompt resolution of matters by using high-caliber testimony from professional medical expert witnesses.

Independent medical options

Our team of medico legal specialists review case files to offer an objective and independent assessment based on the presented facts and data. 

Our medical experts independently assess, analyse and write reports within Australia and internationally.