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We deliver high-quality, unbiased, fit-for-purpose medico-legal reports and impairment assessments, backed by decades of medical and clinical experience with a standard turnaround of 10 business days, tailored to your needs.

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What sets us apart is not just what we do, but how we do it

  • Expertly matching specialists

    We collaborate with highly qualified and clinically active medical experts who are leaders in their respective fields. With a wealth of industry experience, our team precisely match the most suitable expert to your specific needs.

  • Educational seminars and conferences

    Deepen your insights into current medico-legal topics with industry-leading medical experts and legal professionals, all while earning complimentary CPD points.

  • Industry-leading quality assurance

    Our rigorous quality assurance process guarantees that our medico-legal reports and services are of a high standard from the moment we engage with a client until the delivery of our report.

  • Express reports

    We deliver rapid medico-legal reports within 2 business days for urgent matters, ensuring swift and accurate assessments.

  • Personalised approach

    We take a human-centred approach in everything that we do, tailoring our services to your unique medico-legal needs.

  • Connecting our community

    We facilitate meaningful networking opportunities, connecting medical experts and legal professionals at our cutting-edge events.

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Our medical experts

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  • baxter malcolm

    Mr Malcolm Baxter OAM

    • Ear, Nose and Throat
    AMA 4, AMA 4 TAS, AMA 4 VIC, AMA 5, AMA 5 (AMS), AMA 5 (RTWSA), AMA 6, Comcare, JME, WSV IME


    • VIC

    Melbourne - South Yarra

    Special interests

    Laryngology and Voice Disorders | Head and Neck Surgery | Hearing Loss Impairments

  • bala vaidya lm

    Dr Vaidya Bala

    • Rehabilitation Medicine


    • NSW

    Shellharbour - Barrack Heights

    Special interests

    Traumatic Brain Injury | Whiplash | Low Back Injuries | Vocational Assessments for Individuals with Ongoing Impairment | Pain Management | Spinal Injuries | Musculoskeletal Disorders

  • drnda armin

    Mr Armin Drnda

    • Neurosurgery


    • VIC

    Melbourne - South Yarra, Malvern

    Special interests

    Brain Tumours | Cranial Base Surgery | Vascular Neurosurgery | Spinal Surgery, Arthroplasty and Stereotaxic Techniques

  • lewis justin

    Dr Justin Lewis

    • Psychiatry


    • VIC

    Melbourne - Brighton

    Special interests

    Occupational Psychiatry | Post Traumatic Stress Disorder | Chronic Pain | Anxiety | Depression | Chronic Pain Disorders | Adjustment Disorders

  • kossmann thomas

    Mr Thomas Kossmann

    • Orthopaedic Surgery
    AMA 4, AMA 4 (MAA), AMA 4 TAS, AMA 4 VIC, AMA 5, AMA 5 (AMS), AMA 5 (MAIAS), AMA 5 (RTWSA), AMA 5 (SIRA), Comcare, DRS, JME


    • EU
    • VIC

    Melbourne - South Yarra, Mildura

    Special interests

    Upper and Lower Limb | Pelvis | Spine | General Orthopaedic | Hip and Knee Replacements | Compartment Syndrome

  • khalid abdul

    A/Prof Abdul Khalid

    • Psychiatry
    AMA 4, AMA 4 (MAA), AMA 4 VIC, AMA 5, AMA 5 (MAIAS), AMA 5 (RTWSA), AMA 5 (SIRA), Comcare, GEPIC, JME, PIRS, WSV IME


    • SA
    • VIC

    Melbourne - South Yarra, Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat Central Adelaide - CBD

    Special interests

    Forensic Psychiatry | Adult Psychiatry | Trauma and Stress-related Disorders

  • richards deirdre

    Ms Deirdre Richards

    • Occupational Therapy


    • QLD
    • TAS
    • VIC

    Special interests

    Workplace and Motor Vehicle Injury Assessments | Total and Permanent Disability Assessments | Personal Injury and Medical Negligence Assessments | Care Needs Assessments Including Past and Future Care, Assistive Technology, Vehicle and Home Modifications and Rehabilitation | Functional Capacity Assessments

  • dr nadereh radhakrishna

    Dr Nadereh Radhakrishna

    • Psychiatry


    • VIC

    Special interests

    Historical Sexual Abuse | Adult Psychiatry | Mood and anxiety disorders | Personality disorders | Psychotic disorders | ADHD

  • donovan nathan

    Mr Nathan Donovan

    • Orthopaedic Surgery
    AMA 4, AMA 4 VIC, JME


    • VIC

    Melbourne - South Yarra, Geelong

    Special interests

    Lower Limb Surgery | Trauma Including Adult and Paediatric Trauma | Spine Assessments

  • prof mark walterfang

    Professor Mark Walterfang

    • Neuropsychiatry
    • Psychiatry
    AMA 4, AMA 4 VIC, Comcare, GEPIC, JME, WSV IIA


    • VIC

    Melbourne - Richmond

    Special interests

    Dementia | Testamentary Capacity | Cognitive Disorders | Neuropsychiatry | Acquired Brain Injury | Movement Disorders | Post-traumatic Stress Disorder | Historical Sexual Abuse

  • Why do you need our medico-legal services?

    Lex Medicus can help you with all medico legal matters. You can always count on us to deliver high quality and personalised service.

    Lex Medicus is one of the leading medico legal specialists in Australia providing a panel of medical experts who are well-recognised medical specialists providing the most reliable, and independent medical opinions. Our medical professionals ensure that our clients always receive reports of the highest quality and are fit for purpose.

    Our broad range of services are available to clients in Australia and internationally. Schedule appointments with our helpful and knowledgeable Client Partnership team based on your needs.

    Lex Medicus is the leading provider of dependable, independent medical examinations in Australia.

    Independent medical examinations

    At Lex Medicus, we recognise the significance of a high-quality medical assessment report. It is essential that these reports are objective, impartial and answer all questions.

    Therefore, our panel of esteemed and clinically active medical experts will deliver unbiased medico legal reports while keeping you informed throughout our simplified process.

    Our vast panel of medical professionals have extensive expertise in producing impartial medical reports supported by our team of legal and medically trained staff to ensure accuracy of information and exceptional readability.

    Fast turnaround time

    Whatever the deadline, you can trust the Lex Medicus team to assist you in meeting it. As an innovator in Quality Control within the medico legal services industry, we have access to the best tools to ensure accurate and fast report delivery.

    Our extensive processes guarantee that you receive your medical reports when urgent matters arise and that they address all report requirements. Our specialist medico legal reports are easy to understand and fit for purpose. 

    Over a decade, Lex Medicus has solidified partnerships built on trust within the industry, with returning clients because they can always rely on the speed and quality of our reports.

    Admissible and detailed medico-legal reporting services

    You can trust us because our esteemed medical specialists have a proven track record of giving expert witness testimony and are leaders in their areas of speciality. We guarantee compliance and certification with all regulatory agencies and international best practice through our ISO certification in Quality Management, Information Security and Occupational Health & Safety. Our specialist medico legal reports are always admissible and consistent with Expert Witness Code of Conduct.

    Every detailed report from us is composed with exactitude and thoroughness.

    Medico-legal experts

    The court put great value on competence, as do we. When you use our medico legal services, only the most experienced professional medico legal experts will deliver the opinion confidently.

    Independent assessment

    Our panel of specialists have the necessary credentials to offer an impairment evaluation as part of a more extensive independent medical examination.

    Our reputation is built on high quality, personalised service excellence, and a dedication to professionalism. Our medical specialists provide knowledgeable and trustworthy views based on objective data and consideration of all material provided.

    Expert witness service

    Our team of expert medical professionals can evaluate case files and testify in court. Every medical Expert Witness Service on our team is well-known and esteemed in their respective professions. Therefore, they can give an informed opinion based on current medical training and objective data.

    Our goal is to assist in the prompt resolution of matters by using high-caliber testimony from professional medical expert witnesses.

    Independent medical options

    Our team of medico legal specialists review case files to offer an objective and independent assessment based on the presented facts and data. 

    Our medical experts independently assess, analyse and write reports within Australia and internationally.