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Medico-legal reports

The medico-legal reports include the diagnosis, treatments, clinical analysis and independent reasoning behind the medical expert’s decisions.

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Our Quality Assurance team with legal, science and allied health expertise check every medico-legal report to ensure its accuracy, consistency and clarity.

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Specialised medico-legal seminars

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Our complimentary seminars highlight medico-legal topics, industry trends and create thought provoking discussions to help you understand the medicine behind the law.

We feature talks and panel discussions from our leading experts who share their knowledge and experience. 

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Customised seminars and webinars

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Is there a specific medico-legal topic you would like to explore in more depth?

Lex Medicus can tailor a seminar with customised content to maximise the benefit for your organisation. Our medical experts will present at a suitable time and your choice of in-house or online through a webinar. 

Educational resources

Image of human anatomy


Learn about the anatomy of the musculoskeletal system in detail, enriched with customised and medically accurate illustrations.

Goniometer Lex Medicus Publishing


Discover methods of medical examination along with a photographic library displaying the tests used for the impairment assessment of medico-legal cases.

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Understand the pathologies of the musculoskeletal system including definition, pathological mechanisms, risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis and treatments.

Medico-legal articles

Access articles and hot topics on diverse medico-legal matters that are relevant to our industry: class actions, medical negligence, health, science and society.