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October 21, 2021

How a medico-legal report provider can assist boutique law firms

There is a definite trend throughout Australia, especially in QLD for the inception of boutique law firms. The legal consumer is becoming aware of what they want in the service they are paying for and want to feel they are receiving personalised service. Lawyers are also looking for the flexibility of being their own bosses.

But as lawyers move away from the support and stability of the big law firms to their own firms, there also comes the big risks for cash flow, finance and the loss of the support of the big law firms’ stables of experts. How do you find your own good experts, medical experts you can trust and work with?

Boutique law firms do not have the financial backing to risk not having good evidence in a case or to be able to keep paying to fix issues in medico-legal reports.

How can a medico-legal report and services provider like Lex Medicus assist?

At Lex Medicus, we assist boutique law firms by removing the stress, time, wasted costs and risk with your medical experts.

As a lawyer, you need to know you can trust the medico-legal report you receive to be high quality, robust and accurate the first time. You do not want to have to be spending additional time and additional money on supplementary reports, delaying your case to settlement. We all know that sinking feeling of receiving a report only to find it has critical factual mistakes in it!

At Lex Medicus, lawyers have access to a bank of experienced medico-legal experts covering every medical speciality and worldwide locations. If we haven’t got the expert, we will locate one for you. We have medico-legal experts that speak a wide variety of languages so we can tailor the expert to your client. Lex Medicus’ dedicated Customer Care team will work with you to deliver the best independent medico-legal expert and assessment for your client’s needs, either face-to-face or via a secure video assessment.

Quality assurance guarantee

At Lex Medicus, we have a rigorous expert selection process that ensures only the highest quality experts are on our panel. They are also trained to be an expert witness; in the legal requirements of evidence and medico-legal report writing.

In addition, Lex Medicus’ experts are backed up by our pioneering quality assurance process, which thoroughly checks every report.
Our QA team are legally and medically trained, and they cross-check every fact with the records and ensure the finalised medico-legal report addresses accurately the matters within the brief to the expert. This QA process ensures that you only receive an accurate, fit for purpose report that will stand up as your robust evidence.

Lex Medicus’ QA process removes the risk to lawyers of receiving low-quality reports or reports with “surprises” or critical mistakes in them. It reduces the delay in cases caused by a need for supplementary reports required to address mistakes or missed issues.

You can protect your firm’s reputation by producing to your opponent, accurate robust reports each time.

Collaborative partner

Lex Medicus creates a collaborative process between your boutique law firm, our team and our medico-legal experts, to ensure the success of your expert witness evidence.

Lex Medicus also has a complimentary webinar series to assist in meeting your CPD point requirements. We provide regular lunchtime masterclasses presented by our experts on relevant medico-legal topics. View the program and register here.

Lex Medicus also partners with Legal Funding Australia, who can provide competitive funding to law firms to cover the costs of reports deferred until you have settled the case.

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