Giulia Kossmann

General Manager

Ms Kossmann brings an innovative approach to the medico-legal community in her role as General Manager of Lex Medicus. She is well-known and respected for her ability to bring together experts in the fields of medicine and law, and is committed to knowledge sharing across these industries through seminars, relationship management and provision of the highest quality medico-legal services and reports.

Giulia has completed a Master of Management at Monash University, bringing strong management expertise, decision-making and problem-solving skills to Lex Medicus. On top of that she recently completed a Mastering Digital Marketing course at London Business School.

She has extensive experience in client relationship management, across Australia and abroad. She effectively facilitates relationships between personal injury lawyers, insurers and the company to best meet the needs of the client group.

Additionally, Giulia is responsible for medical recruitment, personally selecting and engaging experts from all medical specialties to consult as independent medical examiners with Lex Medicus. In this position, Giulia is pivotal to the company’s development and business growth both in Australia and Europe. Giulia is also responsible for the financial planning, strategic management of all Lex Medicus sites and managing all enquiries related to both vendor and client accounts. Giulia leads a fresh and focused team, creating a culture of excellence at Lex Medicus.