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Lex Medicus offers professional and reliable medical expert opinions for matters relating to personal injury, workers’ compensation claims and insurance. Through our highly skilled medical and allied health specialists, we provide customers throughout Australia with the greatest independent medical examinations and expert opinions.

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At Lex Medicus, we take great pride in tailoring our services to the matter at hand. 

Independent international medical examiners

Our panel of medical examiners and allied health professionals offer independent evaluations of the highest possible quality and scope, spanning various fields of medicine.

Our independent medical examiners in Victoria and across Australia are decisive, well-versed in court processes, and deliver high-quality, legally sound assessments to determine culpability, cause, impairment, compensation, and job capability.
Our team are carefully selected specialists, who conduct independent medical examinations for clients seeking impartial, in-depth, and evidence-based medical advice to support injury and claim decision-making.
We are proud to say that our high quality results speak for themselves.

Independent medical assesment

During an Independent Medical Examination (IME), a medical examiner from our highly regarded expert panel evaluates a patient to form a clinical opinion regarding the patient’s injury or medical condition.

Our medical experts follow the highest of standards and comply with the requirements of the Expert Witness Code of Conduct.
All independent medical examinations are thorough, clinically robust, and carried out in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Lex Medicus ensure they are performed by the most suitable medical practitioners for your case.

These all-encompassing medical reports address every one of your concerns and might help resolve issues relating to the following circumstances:

  • Diagnosis
  • Causation
  • Liability
  • Prognosis
  • The need for treatment and follow up
  • Appointment readiness and fitness
  • Alternatives for going back to work
  • Permanent disability

Independent medical reports that answer questions

When you request an Independent Medical Examination, you want a report that answers your questions.

Our IME reports do not just answer your general questions; our expert independent medical specialists also provide reasonable solutions to any additional queries you may have.

Our panel of medical experts and Quality Assurance team work hand in hand to ensure that all Independent Medical Examination reports are fit for purpose.

Independent medical examinations at your convenience

Thanks to our flexible attendance options, your clients can attend the IME in person or online or by participating in a telehealth consultation.

If you have specific requirements for your case, you can contact the Lex Medicus team, and we will do everything in our ability to schedule an appointment with the most suitable expert at a time that is mutually suitable for your client and our expert.

Get your independent medical examination reports now

At Lexmedicus, we understand the pressure that comes with getting quality IME reports in the shortest time. As a team, we are committed to ensuring that we meet your needs in the shortest time possible.