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Smart working has become one of the hallmarks of the COVID 19 pandemic to reduce the exposure to viral infections in the office space. A recent study of almost 5000 Australians showed that 67% were sometimes or always working from home, compared to 42% pre-COVID [1]. A consequence of these changing behaviours has been an increase in injures related to working from home. Since the pandemic began, WorkSafe Victoria have accepted 218 claims for workplace injuries that occurred in the home [2], and allied health professionals are reporting significant numbers of clients with pains or injuries relating to their new working environment.

The impact of working from home on foot health has received attention from both the Australian Podiatry and Australian Physiotherapy Association as well as in the national press. A new term has been used, “Ugg Boot Foot”, which refers to the onset of foot pain in those wearing unsupportive indoor footwear for long periods of the day. But what is it, and how much does it really affect a person’s wellbeing?

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